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Middle east

The film starts off with a little boy doing some shopping for his mother, getting his sisters shoe fixed and picking up some potatoes. While picking out the potatoes his sister's shoes are accidentally taken by a man cleaning out trash from the front of the store. This leads us back to the family house where the brother has to tell his sister that her shoes are missing. They don't tell their parents because the mother is ill with a bad back and the father does not make enough to buy new shoes for her. So, they agree to share the bothers shoes until he can find his sister's shoes.
The next day the sister wares her bothers shoes to school and once her school lets out she races back to give them to her brother so he can go to school. But she looses on of them in the ditch and has to get a store keeper to help retrieve it. This makes the bother late for his classes. He gets caught and told not to be late any more. But it does happen once again and he almost has to bring his mother or father to school to explain why he is late, but his teacher covers for him. This daily running to and from school continues for some time, but finally the boy see a way out. The school has a race that the person that places in third will and new pair of shoes. The boy sees this as his way to get some shoes for his sister to replace the ones he lost.
He enters the race and his only goal is third place. He is in the lead but towards the end he allows two boys to pass. Then the boy in forth comes up and trips him. He gets up quick and makes it back to the front but and the line he comes infirst not third. He is sad instead of being happy for the win, because for him the win was to get third place and get some shoes for his sister.
In the end everything works out because his father had used the extra money he made doing yard work for the rich people to buy both him and his sister new shoes. This was a well put together film that left m…


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