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Midnight Hour Encores

One of the books I read over the summer was Midnight Hour Encores by Bruce Brooks. Sibilance T. Spooner, who likes to be called Sib, is 16 years old and last seen her mother when she was only 20 hours old and lives with her father, Taxi. One day she suddenly decided that she wants to see her mother, but for what reason we really don't know. On this long car trip, Sib learns many things about her own father, whom she has lived with for the past 16 years, that she never knew before. Sib is like your typical teenager and is an amazing cellist, who has won many competitions. I give this book 3 thumbs up. This book is for you if you want to read about how teenagers deal with their parents.
Thefirst reason why I liked this book is how the author develops his character's personalities. If you had just started reading the book, Sib and her father seem normal, maybe even a bit on the boring side, but as the book goes on, you began to see more depth to the character. For example, Taxi seems like a boring dad, who listens to classical music and works for a newspaper, but later on you find out that he was a hippie in the 60s, loves rock'n' roll, and can play the guitar. So as you're learning these about him, his daughter is also learning them for the veryfirst time too.
I also liked this book because Sib and her father do not have a very good relationship with each other before they went to visit her mother.But during the car trip, Sib learns more and more about him and comes to the conclusion that maybe she has more in common with her father than she actually thought. Bruce Brooks is good at showing how the father-daughter relationship developed over time.
The last reason why I liked this book is because of the suspense. Although there wasn't much action in this book, there was still as sense of suspense to it. There are moments where you don't know what is really going to happen. For exampl


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