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The ?°Mindwalk?± is a movie about a conversation between Jack, Sonia, and
Thomas.It takes place in one ofMont-Saint Michel??s church tower in France.Jack
Edwards, played by Sam Waterson, is a politician who had just lost a presidential
campaign in the United States and is facing a senate re-election.Sonia Hoffman, played
by Liv Ullman, is a scientist and a former physicist.Thomas Harriman,who is played by
John Heard, is a poet who is a friend of Jack.The three have long discussions about the
One of the topics discussed is the ?°crisis of perception.?±The crisis of perception is
the way people view something.People see many different problems occurring, but as a
separate issue.Crisis of perception is seeing these problems as a different branch of one
single crisis.The root causes of this crisis of perception lies in one??s habit of seeing and
experiencing oneself and the world as being established of separately existing fragments.
Another topic discussed is of the ?°politics of the impossible.?±The issue with the
politics of the impossible wasn??t too clear.I think that the movie was showing us that
politics don??t work.Not many people do not vote because they don??t really believe in
politics.In their discussion, it was said that only 50 percent of the American people
An important issue discussed in this film is between holistic vs. mechanistic
thinking.Holistic thinking is recognizing the interconnectedness of the universe as
opposed to mechanistic thinking, which is deconstructing the universe into pieces.The
philosopher and the scientist responsible for mechanistic thinking was Rene Descartes and
Issac Newton.This thinking is outdated because it gives a false impression of the current
state of physics.The notion that the world is a machine w


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