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Mission by Thu

"The Mission" recounts the true story of two men who risked their lives while trying to fight against the colonial forces of Spain and Portugal to save an Indian tribe from slavery during mid-18th century in South America. "The Mission" is a powerful movie with a powerful message about sin, redemption, and love.Starring Gabriel (Jeremy Irons) and Mendoza (Robert De Niro), this movie is not only about human rights and life threatening to the Indians but to those two men as well once they get involved.Despite their differences, the two men must unite to save the mission when Spain, Portugal, and the Catholic Church began to negotiate their boundaries in the area.Speaking of that, it will affect both the freedom of the natives and the well being of the Jesuit missionaries.These two men fought desperately for the Indians in very different ways for their freedom and to save them from slavery.Gabriel and Mendoza disagreed on how to fight and save those people because Gabriel believed in prayer and passive resistance while Mendoza chose to believe in armed rebellion.
Jeremy Irons portrays Gabriel, a Jesuit priest who plays the role of a truly Christ-like figure who was sent to South America to Christianize the Indians to make their lives better.His mission was to salvage their humanity and protect them from the cruelties of the Spanish and Portuguese who wish to take over their land and their freedom.Father Gabriel is an ideal example of compassion, love, and understanding.He looked at each Indian through their soul for who they really were, not just their color or class.He believed his faith of God will help the natives from the battle and even if they loose that battle, their souls will be free from everything that they suffered of.He watched them dying after he was shot with sympathy during the attack on the Indians.Before the battle, he explained his will to Mendoza: "If


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