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Money and Power in Gatsby

Donald E. Hall, author of Literary and Cultural Theory, comments on, " The Freudian construction of women as'castrated,' inferior versions of men". He writes "The penis, which is considered the marker of ultimate value, [is] one the girl lacks and the possession of which she will envy" (104-7). In other words, females are not truly envious of the penis, but the power that the penis symbolizes.Uponfirst reading The Great Gatsby, the reader may think the text is about the Marxist view of how different social classes strive to reach the American Dream. However, the reader will determine the novel is really about Jordan Baker and Daisy Buchanan's deficiencies and their lack of power in society. By applying a psychoanalytic analysis, the reader will see how Fitzgerald uses different levels of power between the men and women characters, and how women are willing to cheat and lie to compensate for not having the power or abilities of a man to secure their spot among the aristocracy class.
Although Fitzgerald introduces Jordan Baker as a minor character, he uses her character to show the struggle for existence many women have in a man's world. Jordan is a beautiful pro golfer, trying to establish herself in a historically male sport that is hardening her by the tour's competition. Her biggest characteristic in the novel is what the narrator describes as being "incurably dishonest" (58). Fitzgerald writes, "At herfirst big golf tournament there was a row that nearly reached the newspapers — a suggestion that she had moved her ball from a bad lie in the semifinal round. The thing approached the proportions of a scandal-then died away" (58). By pointing out her cheating, Fitzgerald proves that Jordan is willing to do anything not only to win, but to establish power even if it means cheating and lying.
Like to Jordan, Daisy Buchanan is another powerless character who vie…


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