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Montag Book of Ecclesiastes

In the end of the novel, Montag becomes chased by the Hound.Montag escapes from the Hound by reaching the river.He becomes washed ashore in the countryside where he follows a railroad track to a group of men.The men give him a fluid which seems to change his scent.They also tell him that the search has continued in the other direction.They later turn on the television to watch a scapegoat get killed.Montag then learns that the men seem to be former professors and intellectuals.They also say they make up a network of thousands of people who memorize books.They tell Montag he appears important because he seems like a "back-up copy" of the Book of Ecclesiastes.He feels his reading has finally become validated.As they leave, Montag mentions that he does not miss his wife or would not care if she would die.Later jets bomb the city.Montag repeats the Book of Ecclesiastes to himself as he thinks about Mildred.After the aftershock dies down, Granger compares mankind to a phoenix rising again and again from its own ashes, and says that they willfirst need to look at themselves.The men then turn toward the city to help the survivors.
Everyone watches the Hound chase Montag on their televisions.Montag also watches the Hound follow him by looking through the windows of people's houses.At Faber's house, the Hound hesitates, but quickly runs on.Montag hears an announcement as he runs toward the river.The announcement tells everyone to get up and look outside for him on the count of ten.At the count of ten, just as Montag reaches the river, all the doors start to open.Montag wades into the river and drifts away with the current to prevent the Hound from picking up his scent.Later, he avoids the searchlights of the police helicopters.He eventually washes ashore in the countryside.He finds a railroad track and follows it.He then senses strongly that Clarisse had once been there.


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