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Montana 1948

Good morning, Larissa, Brooke and myself are here to discuss the racial prejudices of the novel Montana.Racial prejudice, a decision or act made on the grounds of a bias opinion on physical or religious grounds.Which means that when a person makes a decision and he or she does so on the basis of some ones colour, race or religion they are being racially prejudice.
Wes is a prominent character in the novel, who is trying to make a decision between family loyalty and the loyalty of his job.Even though he is the sheriff, he still has his racial prejudices.Wes does not believe in the Indians "medicine man" and so he disregards there form of treatment asking David "What does she need a medicine man?"Wes is a man who "held Indians in low regard" as David tells us .he believed that Indian's with few exceptions were "lazy ignorant superstitious and irresponsible" and then forbids David to wear moccasins because he believes that David will become as flat footed and "lazy as the Indians".It is not made clear wether Wes or Gail his wife made the decision to give Marie the room on the ground floor rather than the room up stairs.David also ponders this decision, "who decided that room should not be Marie's".Wes is a man who likes to keep everything in their right places servants come under the family not as equals on the same level. Wes also doesn't want to hear what Gail is saying about his brother for two reasons one because it puts him into a very awkward position and two he doesn't believe what these Indian girls are saying.He says "an examination by a doctor… maybe she doesn't know what's supposed to go on."Wes doesn't believe what is said until it is spelt out to him, he believes that it is in there imagination; they are ignorant people so why would they know what is meant to be going on in a doctors examinati


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