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It's six o'clock Friday evening, and you have no solid plans since you and your significant other just had a big fight.You are frustrated and feel that you just need to get out before you explode.Your solution: the movies–the only place you can escape from the realties of life for the next two hours.As you plan to leave your humble abode, you realize that you are faced with yet another dilemma about which movie to see.You are not sure if you are in the mood for a suspense-filled, action-packed high-speed thriller; a mushy, lovey-dovey romantic picture; a hot, raunchy sex filled drama; or a bone-breaking, heart-wrenching violence-packed flick.However, there is one thing that you are certain of: for the modern movie audience speed, romantic sex, illicit sex, and violence sell.
Movies containing fast cars and speed pump up the viewer's adrenaline.When you watch the movie, you feel as though you are the actors and can get away with breaking the law.Unlike most fast-car movies, Gone in 60 Seconds actually has a plot. Nicholas Cage, a reformed car thief, and Angelina Jolie, his love interest, are forced to steal fifty cars in eleven hours to save his brother's life.Of course, the$200,000 profit is a plus. Because our hero is an unwilling criminal, he is morally blameless.And the viewer can enjoy his high-speed escapades with a clear conscience.Another movie, Fast and Furious, contains nothing but pure adrenaline and racing with "souped-up" Honda Civics with $30,000 engines.Since the hero is an undercover cop, he races with impunity-he's the good guy having all this fun!
Romantic movies sell because when you watch them you don' t have to worry about lots of action or excessive special effects, but these films will have you reaching for your Kleenex's and blotting your eyes.For instance, the movie The Best