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Movie Review of Helen of Troy

History has different ways of being past on from each era of time whether it's through oration or written records. History back in the late centuries B.C. was passed on through both of these methods, however it's the way people interpret these stories that make the movie Helen of Troy the way it is. The movie was able to make you feel like you were late centuries B.C. dealt with the love theme, the events leading up to the Trojan wars.
The characters and scenery in Helen of Troy did their job well because they were able to give the audience a sense they were actually in the city-state of Troy. The way the actors talked and the way they dressed gave a viewer the sense of what the typical dress was in Troy. Also the scenery also gave the audience a good feeling of what Troy would look like back in the late centuries B.C.
Helen of Troy takes Homer's Iliad and presents it in such a way making love the main theme of the movie. This draws in a different crowd than most movies depicting ancient Roman/Greek war times. This draws in more of a female crowd unlike most other movies which is good, because it gives more people of today's society insight about the society about life in ancient war times.
The movie did a successful job of making the viewers feel as if they were in ancient Troy and did it such a matter different than Homer's Iliad and recent film producers as well. This movie is allowing the viewer to learn about the history of Troy and one day people will be watching movies about us and will be calling us ancient.


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