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Movie Summary: Gettysburg

Gettysburg is a 1993 American war film. The film tells the story of the battle at Gettysburg between the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. This battle lasted three days, July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of 1863, and the movie made sure to capture each tragic day of the battle. What was different about this movie was there was no clear protagonist and antagonist. Usually in a war movie the film will focus on one of the two armies fighting and make the opposing side seem like the “bad guys”. However, in Gettysburg both the north and the south were depicted as brave soldiers fighting for what they believed in. The American Civil War took a toll on our country but in the end everything worked out for the better.
The movie did a superb job at portraying the dramatic intensity of each battle scene. During the entire movie you see the vast amount of weapons both the north and the south had to use to successfully carry out a battle. One of the most deathly weapons used were the triangular bayonets.These bayonets were attached to the end of a musket and were used in hand-to-hand combat. A triangular bayonet wound was of the most dangerous wounds because the shape that it left made it nearly impossible to sew up causing most soldiers to bleed to death. Another effective weapon used in Gettysburg was the canister shot. These canisters were filled with musket balls and then fired from cannons. A canister shot would shoot out these balls in a cone like fashion causing the musket balls to spread out and hit several targets at a time. What was also effective about the cannons was the amount of smoke they created. When they cannons were fired they sent out a ton of smoke creating a type of fog that made it very difficult for the opponent to see. Depictions of violence were used beautifully throughout the entire movie.
Of coarse in any great war film there are countless memorable scenes that stick with you but in Gettysburg there were…