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Movie: The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow is about the future of Northern Hemisphere when global warming continues. The vice-president failed to take the advice given by Jack, the scientist that predicts the northern hemisphere will have a new ice age. When the storm comes, the evacuation plan was too late; most people at the north are trapped, including Jack?fs son. In open area, temperature drops 1000 ?Z every second. Jack and his little teammate went north when everybody hurried south, to find his son (Sam) and his friends. And this begins the story of a promise between father and son.
The relationship between a father and son is based on love and trust. Sometimes, promises have to make between family members and their love and trust of each other made promises success. In the movie, Sam stays in the library while everybody are rushing to the south is because Jack promises that he will come to save him and told him to burn books and keep warm. If Sam didn?ft trust his dad, he will die out in the cold like others. If Jack didn?ft love his son, he won?ft travel to the north with the enormous freezing storm even he had made the promise.
President Blake and Vice-president, Becker are two characters who were made to compare. Becker is a selfish, money-minded man; while President Blake is wise and care about his fellow citizens. Becker wasfirst greeted by Jack?fs predication of the new ice age before it become too late. He was asked to declare a large scale evacuation before the storms come. However, he was only worried about the stock market. When it was already late, Jack was directly introduced to President Blake. While Becker was still arguing about American?fs stock market, President Blake already shows alert to the power of nature. When Jack proposes that the citizen will evacuate to Mexico, Becker even say ?eMaybe you should stick to science and leave policy to us?f. President Blake asked Jack for suggestion as he already unders


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