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As the world’s technological capabilities reach an impressive new height; we are faced with new problems caused by these new technological capabilities. Along with these newfound problems, such as Y2K, comes the world’s damnation due to the new technologies. We as humans will ultimately destroy ourselves over a technology race. We may very well still be alive, but our mind and freedom won't be.
The Matrix explores unthinkable realms of computer world domination. Although the beginning portrays the essence of freedom that we as humans take for granted. It's actually a sort of virtual reality that is void of any resemblance of freedom. Every sight, every smell, every sound, and touch is nothing but a computer program. Every human except the team aboard the nebuchadnezzar is plugged into this program called the matrix. The humans' belief of freedom is actually human cultivation. "The Machines" which have taken over, use the human body to replace there lost solar energy from the nuclear blanket covering the earth. Being in a dream world the humans don't have the slightest idea they're living a life with rules and boundaries. Not being able to choose your own path and destiny is not my idea of freedom. The Authors of the matrix make the human freedom just like the world we live in. It kind of makes you think life sucks. That's why I imagine Siefer decided to go back to the matrix. Would you rather sacrifice your freedom for a normal life or live in the truth you probably would not want to know?
Harrison Bergeron is a scary view of human society in the United States in the future, in which United States citizens are all equal. Equality seems like the solution to creating the perfect world. Everyone would get along with no racism or country conflicts. Sounds pretty nice but in this film when they mean equal they mean it. In this world equality is everyone's loss of individuality, therefore the


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