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Movies and the Art of Cinematography

Around the world, at any instant, millions of people are watching movies. They watch mainstream entertainment, serious "art films," documentaries, cartoons, experimental films, educational shorts. They sit in air-conditioned theaters, in village squares, in art museums, in college classrooms, or in their homes before a television screen. Nobody needs too be convinced that film is one of the century's most influential media. Not only can you recall your most exiting or tearful moments at the movies, you can also probably remember moments in ordinary life when you tried tobe as graceful, as selfless, as tough, or as compassionate as those larger-than-life figureson the screen.. the way we dress and cut our hair, the way we talk and act, the things we believe or doubt – all these aspects of our lives are shaped by films. Films also provide us with powerful aesthetic experiences, insights into cultures, and glimpses of new ways of thinking.
I am very fond of cinema. That is why I will try to understand this amazing, beautiful world of cinematography. It would be not easy, I think, because cinema includes a great amount of knowledge in different spheres. While researching the theme of my essay, I have understood that film history includes more than just films. By studying how films were made and received, I discover the range of options available to filmmakers and film viewers by studying the social and cultural influences on films, I come to understand better the ways in which films may bear the traces of the issues in thee history of politics, of culture, and of the arts. Researchers are fond of saying that there is no film history, only film histories. But I think that film history is more aptly thought of as a set of film histories because research into film history involves asking a series of questions and searching for evidence in order to answer them in the course of an argument. I have decided to concentr…


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