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Significant Social Issues Teens Face

When a person thinks of a drug abuser one usually pictures a person that looks like they had just jumped out of a garbage bin. What most people do not realize is that most drug users are the people who have steady jobs and are professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and nurses.Drug abuse doesn't necessarily mean the person abusing is abusing illegal drugs. Prescription drugs and or over-the-counter drugs are also abused. Facing everyday problems in these recent years many people turn to drugs as an escape from the existence they hold.Drug use has rapidly increased in the last twenty years and has become a national crisis.More people are experimenting with drugs at a younger age. Due to the rapid increase in drug abuse, our government has looked to rehabilitation as a form of prevention and education to an alternative to jail.
Using drugs in these days are becoming more and more common among younger people everyday. The most common drugs experimented with are tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana.These are gateway drugs. It is almost as if you can ask anyone between the ages eight and fifteen if they smoke "weed" or drink "Hennessey" and the answer is a frightening "yes." Young people start using and abusing drugs with older friends who offer it to them and make it look like the "in" thing to do. These inexperienced teenagers feel the need to fit in with the crowd so badly that they do not think about the effects or the consequences the drugs will have on them in the long run. Teenagers not only learn and experiment with their peers, but sometimes they learn at a very early age because of their parents' habits.I have seen many cases where the teenagers are allowed to sit down with their parents and smoke or drink. I could never sit down and drink with my mother. That goes to show you how using drugs is more casual.
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