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My Posse Dont Do Homework1

LouAnne Johnson’s My Posse Don’t Do Homework is an excellent book in the way that it describes the looked over and ignored kids of schools around the nation. My Posse Don’t Do Homework shows us how important it is to nurture and care for students and tell each and everyone of those students how important they are and they, too, can make a difference. When Ms. Johnson had the class on thefirst day of school, the students were all prepared to “work” their way through yet another substitute or permanent teacher. According to the book My Posse Don’t Do Homework, when Ms. Johnson had asked about Miss Shepard, the group of student’s former teacher, one girl replied that she “had been ‘psyched out’” (19). “Miss Shepard had thrown down her book and rushed out of the classroom in tears the previous Friday. The kids weren’t surprised that she hadn’t returned. They were obviously proud of their handiwork…” (19). Moments later a dictionary was flung at her head and she then proceeded to leave the classroom. After the dictionary incident she spoke with a colleague, Hal Gray. After a brief discussion with him, she went back to the class where she was inspired by her former drill instructor, Petty Officer Hawk’s, presence and confronted the student who threw the dictionary at her. After getting in the boy’s face, he gave into her demand of sitting down. After introducing herself and telling them about her Marine and Navy background, she gained the advantage and some of their respect from fear that she could kill them with her bare hands. The book is not suggesting that every teacher that has a difficult group of students should let them think that he or she, meaning the teacher, is going to violent if they do not cooperate in class. However, with this group of kids Ms. Johnson thought that it would be most effective to intimidate her new student


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