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Myth in Oh Brother, Where Art

I think a perfect example of myth used in movies is the story of Odysseus in O Brother, Where Art Thou? If you are familiar with the story of The Odyssey, you can easily spot some instances of the mythical story and its connection to the current world in this movie.

There is an instance where the three escaped convicts stumble along three sirens singing in the river.They are astonished with the beauty of these women and want to stay with them.This happens every day when someone stays with someone else because of their looks of because of money, etc.

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I can relate to this personally because I watched my sister stay with a guy because he always said he would change, and I stayed in a job for the money because the idea of having money sounded so sweet, just like the song of the sirens.We both never stopped to think if we were ever really happy with our whole situation, or just parts of it.

Another example is when the men encounter a large man with an eye patch.This man represents the Cyclops.The huge man is a fast talker and immediately moves on to destroy the men to take what he wants from them.I think this compares to overpowering salesmen out there today who try to lowball other salesmen so they can get the sale.Even if the commission is low, there is still a commission, so they win.

I think one of the greatest myths is that we are not accountable for our own actions.We always seem to find someone else to blame for what has gone wrong in our lives. Some of characters in this film go out and try to right the wrong decisions they have made.I wish we could all live with the ideology that we all can make our own decisions, even if it is not the best decision, but at least we got to make it ourselves.


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