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Natural Born Killers

In 1994, Oliver Stone left movie-goers and critiques alike in awe.His film, Natural Born Killers, was released to theatres all over America.The story, originally written by Quentin Tarantino, was one of two mass-murders who go on a killing spree across the country.At a glance, the title suggests the theory that killers are born to be just that–killers, naturally.Oliver Stone wastes no time at all as he tears this theory to shreds.He claims that killers are born from society, and are kept alive by the media.Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis play the Bonnie and Clyde type team of lovers that head out to change the world.
If one saw this film in the seventies or eighties, he or she might be shocked by its surrealism and many disturbing implications.However, being released in the early nineties, changes our perceptions drastically.This is simply because at this time it was much more relevant and familiar to our society.Assumably, the many television clips interspersed throughout the film hit a little too close to home for many Americans.We are living in a time when it is common to see "Special Reports" and "Live" newscasts cut into our favorite television shows.Much like Stone utilized many different film techniques and added clips into his film Natural Born Killers.Morphing, back projection, slow motion, animation, pixillation, color, black and white, 35mm, and Super-8 are all visual tricks Stone used to keep our attention in the film.1 This constant montage was very effective, along with the perfectly selected soundtrack.Ironically, In our own homes, even though our precious television time is annoyingly interrupted, we still watch when a news flash jolts across the screen.Our curiosity would not let us turn the channel if we tried. Cinematic skills and tricks are not what keep us interested in this news, However.The media's portrayal and glorification of violence and crime i…