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Nectar in a Sieve – Puli

Puli isfirst introduced to the readers in chapter 25 as a quick-witted and incisive ragamuffin whom for which his street know how is dually noted.The author states, "He was an artful child in many ways, and more than a match for us" (Markandaya 176).With a quick tongue and an acute mind he makes his day in day out routines seem facile, despite his distinct physical impediments.Fingers or no fingers, life is worth living for this child who takes advantage of every opportunity for self-gain and internal completeness.This urchin is brought into this novel with his sense of direction needing to be imparted upon a duo of country-bumpkins who obviously have no grasp of where there intended destination is.Puli assists in this operation, but not for free, for Puli is no ignoramus.
Puli is incorporated into the final chapters of Nectar in a Sieve by residing with Ruku and Nathan.In order to provide a more blissful future for the couple Puli once again assists by providing employment for Ruku and Nathan.A career in stone breaking, this time a gift for free. A free donation, already showing the growing closeness between the couple and Puli.A new Puli is being formulated.A more compassionate and benevolent guru emerging from the once egotistical and self-indulgent orphan.Puli is also involved as an accountant, onlooker, and confidant, and child for the couple.Throughout these experiences Puli is entrusted with more of the couples' confidence, leading him to be a more loyal and moral person.This change becomes quite evident in the author's selection of words used to illustrate Puli's character.The author states, "In the short time he has spent with us we have become to be curiously dependent on the boy, respecting his independent spirit as much as his considerable knowledge of the city and its many kinds of people" (Markandaya 178).This quote expresses how the couple, despite thei…


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