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Nectar In a Sieve

Nectar in a Sieve is a wonderful novel; the author of this book is Kamala Markandaya.Rukmani is very sociable, she has wonderful physical features and she's psychological.You see this whole new world through the eyes of one lady named Rukmani.She is a very hard-working wife and mother.She does everything for her children.As a literate woman she adjusts to the role of a poor mans wife.
Ruku grew up through this book because of her role of a poor mans wife.I see her as a medium height for her time and not heavy at all.All of the malnutrition caused her to be under-weight.She has a nice amount of clothes she wears each day, but not too much.
She is a very sociable person and try's to wear her best outfits when she goes out.In the beginning she felt a little uneasy but eventually got use to everything.She lives under class but adapted to this kind of living.Ruku enjoys working in her garden to give her family extra food.She also works in the rice paddy outside of their hut.For her time being educated is a great advantage.She could read and write.Her home life was good but they were poor.She always puts her familyfirst and does what she can for them so they can get by.
She is a very easygoing woman and always works for her family.She never complains about being a poor mans wife.She doesn't have mood swings or becomes tempered.She looks positive towards life and doesn't have any mental problems.Extroverts are very out going.Ruku can be considered an extrovert.When she doesn't agree on something she immediately speaks her mind and voices her opinion but in a very sweet and gentle way.
Ruku is a very sweet lady even when she voices her opinion on everything.She narrates this entire trip of her life to us in a very fashionable way. Ruku is a lovely character in this novel and works hard to get the best out of life.She shows her kids the wor