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Never Let Me Go

Independent Novel Study In Never Let Me Go by Kazoo Guiros the major themes in this book is hope, and free will. Hope plays as a symbol and feeling of freedom for the characters. Their curiosity is what causes their confidence to one day be free, but then is let down when having to face the truth that their life is set for them and that they must accept it. Free will is shown that clones are unable to change their fates as organ donors, but their lack of free will affects many other elements of their lives as well. For example, Ruth never achieves her dream of working in an office, and

Kathy gets precious little time with Tommy. Guiros is ambiguous about where this lack of free will comes from because Ruth never tries to work in an office, we never learn whether her unhappy life is due to the system or her own lack of initiative. In this novel hope plays a critical role in giving a conflict between the characters and reality. Guiro’s outlook on hope is highly conflicted. Hope creates the characters to feel better and allows them to live decent lives (“l suppose it was mainly us newcomers who talked about dream futures that winter peg 142).

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The students and veterans are happier at the Cottages because hey have the idea that they can apply for deferrals if they wish (“So as Long you could convince them. So long as you qualified” peg 153). Later on in the book it is clarified that this Yang 2 was a rumor that Miss Emily a guardian at Hails allowed this rumor to exist because it give them hope. (“It’s something for them to dream about, a little fantasy” peg 258) In the novel’s world, hope only comes from falsehoods and delusion which represented by their childhood growing up not knowing anything about their future lives.

Conflict is also created by the characters themselves. Ruth who feels guilt towards the end confesses and tells Kathy that she is sorry for keeping apart her and Tommy. And from that Kitty’s hope that she will be with Tommy is illusive hope is offered by the imagined deferral program. Guiros plans the conflicts all in right places because Kathy cannot be with Tommy forever because of the false rumor and the multiple donations he has to go through which in the end he dies. In the book Guiros creates conflicts that seem able to be conceded but then in the end it is followed by another that makes this book so interesting.

Symbolism is shown from time to time in the book. Hails is a symbol of innocence. Loss of innocence parallels the destruction of Hails because Ruth wants to preserve memories of innocence so she doesn’t look for it (“But as I say don’t go searching for it… I’ll have Hails with me , safety in my head, and that’ll be something on one can take away. ” Peg 286) In one particular moment in the book that shows symbolism is the boat they visit when they reunite after a long period of time they haven’t seen each other.

The dialogue in the scene suggests that the characters are catching a glimpse of their impending deaths, which they are fascinated by but don’t want to confront for too long. (“We were surrounded by silence and when we started to move towards the boat… I noticed my feet sinking beneath the turfs of grass” Yang 3 peg 224). The boat is an imagery that also reflects the motifs of helplessness and loneliness as this represents Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy because for the most part they have talk to as they live in really exclude lives.

They cannot do anything that can support them get out of what has already planned for them which shows helplessness and the theme of lack of free will. Also like the donors, the boat memos to have been forgotten by society, and its origin is a mystery. They can compare to each other because Miss Emily also tells them later on in the book that originally society wanted forget the clones of children to be donors. The boat and water are associated with freedom, and that’s just what Kathy and they hope for but since being like the boat stuck in one place they also can’t do anything, thus making them and the boat a symbolic of a lack of freedom.

In this book symbols do really show the comparison that both the clones have and what the objects have together that make them really similar. In the book setting plays a big role and adds more emphasizes on the characters and the story. Hails was the school that Kathy and them were raised, and was the school that gave them all their memories of their childhood and as friends. As they we young and growing up in Hails they were protected from the real truth behind their reasons of living because if they were to grow up knowing of those reasons things would have gone wrong. “You see we were able to give you something, something which even now no one will ever take from you, and we were able to do that principally by sheltering you. peg 268) What Hails gave them was a childhood and from that they turned into great people. The theme of hope comes into play because Hails did shine a light on it, in the end they were misled to believe something Yang 4 greater but instead there wasn’t any which creates the theme of free will.

In the novel Guiro’s settings is a significant factor to the story because it makes the characters who they are in the book even though it’s a donation program they give Kathy and them what they need to at least to succeed. (“You built your lives on what we gave you. You wouldn’t be who you are today if we’d not protected you. Peg 268) Hails to Kathy, Ruth and Tommy were a place of great things but also of secrets that played a role in the book. The book Uses Hails as a flashback to give the readers the effect that it plays in the story.

Kathy who details those moments based on her memories give an image to such a wonderful place which makes the readers question if it’s really a school that prepares kids for their donations. Hails overall is the most significant setting in the book that plays a role until the end. Another a setting that plays a big role in this book is the Cottages which is the second area the clones must attend after Hails. The Cottages plays a big a role in this story because we start to see the characters develop into a mature person.

The cottages for Kathy is a big change as when she starts she fells as this place is entirely different from Hails. The setting is important because as they met new people Ruth changes and tires to adapt quickly and make friends with the Veterans which Kathy really doesn’t like because she feels as their group as a trio is slipping apart. When they talk about Hails she completely forgets and Kathy is irritated from it and we them get more distant. In the Cottages we see the affection that Kathy does have for Tommy which is important because it leads us to them in their later years when they reunite.

Guiro’s settings that follows them in the book lies out perfectly because in all three sections we see the characters change as they develop to be older which we see it all lead up to the ending. Yang 5 In the novel Kazoo Guiros chooses to write this book going into first person as we follow Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy as they try to figure out the truth of their school and their existence. As first person narrating Kitty’s effectiveness as narrator is objectivity, and has a strong sense of ethics. Kathy understands emotions deep and powerful, but not overwrought. (“Something in me just gave up.

A voice went: ‘All right, let him think the absolute worst. Let him think it, let him think it. ‘ And I suppose I looked at him with resignation, with a face that said, ‘Yes, it’s true, what else did you expect? ” peg 195) her words are measured and considered, not hasty or crude. The normality and simplicity of her narrative voice reflects the author’s overall narrative strategy first-person narrative reflects the question of the existence of their souls which represent that there is hope for her to be free because she has a soul, the existence of the story itself is eloquent proof of the existence of her soul.

In this quote we can see that their just not clones but human also that have feelings. (“Didn’t we all dream from time to time about one guardian or other bending the rules and doing something special for us? A spontaneous hug, a secret letter, a gift? ” peg 60) Hails as the primary setting demonstrates the normality of their emotional lives and the potential thin them to be just like any other children more emotional and revealing than a glimpse at inhumane conditions would be also adds to the atmosphere of mystery and suspense flashback approach.


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