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Never Let Me Go by Kauo Ishiguro

In Never Let Me Go by Kazoo Guiros, there were clones of children who lived in Hails to prove that clones can develop feelings as well. Not only were they given a chance for a childhood they were also being raised as donor for their organs. As the children grew up they experienced what other children experienced like: love, friendship, heartbreaks, bullying, pressure, etc. They were taught through adults also known as “guardians”. Throughout their whole lives they were accustomed to hearing about “donors” and “careers”.

Some of the students of Hails also became donors or careers which eventually led to being donors too. They started to believe that the only importance of their existence was to donate their organs for others that are in need of it. Even though the children’s’ lives were set to donate their organs they lived a normal life like normal children but in a different, secluded area. They may have differed from other children but they were actually similar to them. The main characters grew up at Hails for a great amount of time.

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They ere so accustomed to their surroundings, friends, and guardians. But as soon as they grew up, they left Hails, and were sent separate ways. When they distributed, they could not really adjust to their new environment because they were not taught of it back at Hails, they were ignorant. Since they were raised at Hails a certain way, it was quite difficult for them to get use to their new surroundings. It is similar to how children are today. In kindergarten, children are taught easy things like simple drawing and learning their alphabets, etc.

But as soon as they hit first grade, they approach more challenging things and more discipline. The children are not use to it because they just came from a grade that was so easy and simple for them. And each grade they ascend, it gets difficult and difficult. As children grow up, sometimes they do encounter “times of tribulation and terror’. But it is because they are not accustomed to what they are always have, surrounded by, or know. Each time they reach some sort of tribulation that they are not use to, they approach a new challenge that helps them learn.


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