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Never Let Me Go Chapter

At Hails, they seem to be living n special culture created to either conceal some facts from the students or to control them. We have an impression that the students at Hails are taught by the guardians only what they try to form in their minds. None of these things are truly related to reality of human life or the outside world. We do not know if the Gallery ever exists at the moment, but we assume that it is not where they display the selected artworks. The best pictures are taken away, which means that they have to be the most creative works.

The importance of being creative also lies here. If being able to create something seriously matter, then why does “Madame” have to take away their creativity? Is it possible that the children are not actually supposed to be creative so that they will not question anything further? Besides, the presumption of Tommy and Kathy about the donation provokes us to look back at the first chapter; Kathy kept telling about her job as a Career who took care for a chosen Donor. This left us surprise and we found relationship between them. It is like jigsaws which are gradually combine together.

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We assume that Miss Lucy will be explaining to them later on about hat they do not know, especially their fate. As mentioned in the novel, pieces of creative work would be sold for the Exchange. Yet, the best pieces were brought without selling. It is like we donate our spiritual important things. As we continue reading the following chapters, we will learn that they are made to give donations of their vital organs. What we still cannot make sense of is Miss Lucky physical reaction-?she is, as Tommy described, shaking with rage. If it was actually so, then what makes her so furious? What motives drive her to do so?


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