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Never Let Me Go Essay

Kazoo Guiros Uses unreal medical terminology throughout the book, such as “career” and “donor. ” These words take away any sense of independence that these characters may have. These words label them and imply that these things are their only uses in life, to be donors or caregivers. At first, Kathy H works as a “career,” someone who comforts “donors” as organs are removed from their bodies. Eventually, after several extractions, the “donor” is lead into “completion. The story is divided into three parts. The first section takes place t Willingham, an unconventional boarding school, where poetry and art are more important than life skills. Kathy H meets Tommy and Ruth, and the three quickly form a close bond, which eventually turns into a love triangle later in their adult life. In the second section, the trio, Kathy, Tommy, and Ruth, become young adults and move from Willingham to “cottages” and are allowed to roam the free world and learn on their own.

Towards the end of Never Let Me Go, there is a scene when Tommy’s animal drawings are brought into the picture. After Tommy asks what Kathy, his caregiver, thinks of one of his drawings, she thinks to herself, “l realized immediately this was Tommy’s way of putting behind us everything that had happened around his drawings back at the Cottages, and I felt relief, gratitude, sheer delight was telling me he wasn’t complacent, and that he was busy getting on with his part of the preparation. “So that feeling came again, even though I tried to keep it out: that we were doing all of this too late; that there had once been a time for it, but we would let that go by, and there as something ridiculous, reprehensible even, about the way were now thinking and planning. ” Even though so much had changed since they left Hails, again Tommy began to draw these pictures. Essentially not much had changed in Tommy s mind because deep down his life’s end still looks the same to him. Because his art was taken from him, Tommy treasures his artwork the most. His artwork was taken away from him to make certain that he wouldn’t have a soul.

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Having a soul was not Tommy and the other’s purpose; their purpose was to donate. Tommy and Kathy become conscious of the fact that they are merely an experiment in the cloning purpose. That realization made them feel less like people than all their years at Hails. They realize all the things that were done to them were to guarantee that they did not develop a feeling of humanity. Tommy’s annoyance at this fact suggests that Hails successfully lessened him as well as Kathy and Ruth. Their time was not only inadequate, as it was spent as simple clones, but it was also, wasted.

In this moment of realization, hey recognize that they cannot defer from being clones. This was the life planned for them. This has always been their lives’ paths and it does not matter what they thought or heard before. Love does not have a place in their world because they were raised to donate, not love. They are clones, not people. Tommy and Kathy start to feel a frustration, and conceivably resentment towards one another. Tommy and Kathy had built a dream in their minds that their lives were going to be different than this one day. But in the end, they do not have control of their lives.


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