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Eliezer Wiesel is a Jewish man that lived and went through adolescences during the Holocaust.At age fifteen he was a student of his religion living in Hungary.His family and himself were living quite peacefully in the city when they received the order for everyone to move into the ghetto.After living in the ghetto and fearing the removal day, it happened.Hungarian police came and started to evacuate everyone with a yellow star on their shirt.These Jews were taken to Auschwitz, this was a concentration camp designed to exterminate and divide Jewish families.Elie's destination was Bruno which was a camp that was somewhat like Auschwitz.Here is where Elie stayed for a long time.The Nazis used suffering, death, and slavery against the imprisoned Jewish slaves.
This book struck me in an odd way; I have never picked up a book and read the whole thing in one day.I became more and more interested in Elie's future, in a sense you could say that this book kept me on the edge of my seat.There are many shocking accounts of sons betraying fathers and neighbors ruthlessly fighting for food.The Germans in this book portray perfectly the devil in more ways than one.When a father is killed and his son breathes a sigh of relief times have got to be tough.The Germans and Auschwitz did quite some damage to a whole race of people, however as history has told us it usually does not work when you try to exterminate a whole people.Throughout Elie's story he shows quite a decline in his beliefs with God, this helps demonstrate the horrific impact that concentration camps had on their inmates.


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