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Night Essay

From the beginning of the book it is obvious that Elie loves his father.However the impression Elie gives us of his dad is a negative.Thefirst thing mentioned about his dad is that he is an important figure is the town of Sighet, but he seems to care more about the community than his own family.Elie also informs us that his father doesn't support his interests and suggests that he treats him like a young child.
In the fourth chapter Elie tells about how his father is beaten for working too slowly.Then the Kapo Franek tortures his father because Elie won't give him his gold crown. He talks about how he feels upset and disappointed with is father for not knowing how to deal with the situation in a way he sees fit.
I had watched the whole scene with out moving.I kept quiet.
In fact I was thinking of how to get farther away so that I
would not be hit myself. What is more, any anger I felt at
that moment was directed, not against the Kapo, but against
my father. I was angry with him, for not knowing how to
This shows the beginning hints of Elie becoming ashamed with his father.He is starting to act more as an individual than as a team with his father.
Later in the book after Elie and his father survive the forty-two mile run, they see a man they know named Rabbi Eliahou.The Rabbi asks if they have seen his son and neither of them had.Afterwards, Elie realizes that he had seen him as he had been trying to get rid of his dad (the Rabbi) who had been slowing him down. Elie prays saying "My God, Lord of the Universe, give me the strength never to do what Rabbi Eliahou's son has done."(87) Elie is afraid that this may happen with him and his father, so he prays.This shows that Elie's relationship with his father is becoming less important.He realizes that his very well could happen and is ashamed that he actually feels this way.


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