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Nightmare on Elm Street movie review

The movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is a crazy horror movie. It's about the teenaged children of Elm Street and how they all start to die, one-by-one, apparently being killed off by something when they sleep. Something in their dreams was murdering the children. A girl named Nancy Thompson is determined to find out what was happening to the children and how they were being murdered in their sleep. She has to do all of this before its too late and she too becomes a victim of the murders. She later discovers that the children killer is a long dead serial-killer Freddy Krueger, but he had been burnt to death by vengeful parents many years before.
This movie was a fantastic because it is completely insane and was just made to scare people. Nothing can actually attack us and kill us in our dreams. There are no such creatures that have blades for hands and raw meat for a face that go about killing us in our sleep.
This movie was quite interesting. I thought it was very wild and creative. I really liked the consistent twists and turns of the story. The action never stopped, but at times it really slowed down and became pointless. The movie had many catchy lines that made the movie funny along with being scary. One thing in the movie that I really thought was good was the ending, just how it was cut off preparing itself for a sequel.


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