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First published in 1949, George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four,
considered as a masterpiece of political satire, is a very compelling
novel. The main protagonist, Winston Smith, experiences a number of bizarre
and self-fulfilling events connected with his struggles while living under
the watchful eye of “Big Brother,” a metaphorical symbol used by Orwell to
describe the fascist government that controls and sees all. In this
society, privacy and freedom do not exist, and its citizens are constantly
monitored by futuristic telescreens and subjected to an unending barrage of
Winston Smith, a Party functionary, is humbly employed in one
of the government agencies, and his job is quite simple–he must rewrite
the past so that the Party, being “Big Brother,” appears to be without flaw
and the master of its domain. But Smith greatly despises
the Party and what it stands for, and keeps his feelings about “Big
Brother” to himself. One of the turning points in the novel occurs when
Smith begins a heated love affair with Julia, a rebellious young girl who
works in his agency and shares his dislike for the Party and its beliefs.
Throughout the novel, Smith and Julia meet in secret and discuss their
shared hatred for the Party. They then join a secret alliance called The
Brotherhood, whose sole purpose is to bring an end to the Party, and
through the literature of The Brotherhood, Smith and Julia learn about the
inner workings of The Party and how it accomplishes its stronghold on the
citizens trapped in this oppressive environment, where free thinking
individuals are looked upon as dangerous and subversive.
But Smith’s secret world comes crashing down when he and Julia are arrested
Police,” a faction of the government that deals with those who


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