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Nora And Torvald’s Deception

how does Ibsen present deception in ‘A Dolls House?’
Deception is one of the most important themes within;A Doll;s House;. It brings out the plot, outlines the characters, and shows what Ibsen was trying to show us about women and society. Without deception there would be no play. Two of the most interesting things about it are the decision that the audience must make.;When is deceiving someone wrong and when is it necessity?; And the fact that as the audience witnesses the deception they do not realise that they are being deceived themselves.
The character of Nora is the most deceptive within the play, and so it is through her character I have decided to explore Ibsen;s portrayal of deception. Nora lies in one way or another to all of the main characters in the play. The biggest victim of her treachery is her loving husband Torvald. Even from the start we see her lying about the most ridiculous things like how much money she spends and whether she has been eating macaroons. Then later we see her lie about the crimes that she has committed against her dead father, her family, and herself. So why is that we still see her as;a sweet and innocent child;.
The character of Nora has many guises, which she uses in front of people to get her own way and protect herself. One of the most obvious and consistent is that of a child. Thefirst we see of this is right at the beginning of thefirst act as she;crosses quietly to Torvald;s door; after;sneakily eating a few macaroons and hiding them in her pocket;. This is normally portrayed in a very childish manner on stage and normally has Nora;tiptoeing; about the stage. Shortly after we see another example of Nora;s regressive qualities after she has been;told off; by Torvald for being a;spendthrift;. We know that he is right for we have just…


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