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OCD displayed in the movie as good as it gets

This was a very interesting movie, which showed a man’s struggle with the disorder of OCD.In the beginning of the movie Jack Nicholson;s symptoms were shown in a manner that mirrored OCD symptoms exactly.There were many symptoms toward the disorder that were shown throughout the video such as his routines of washing his hands and the locking of his doors.Even the way he went about his daily routines, such as walking over sidewalk cracks and bringing his own eating utensils to the restaurant.He was a very unique character.If one did not know that he had OCD they would see him as a very strange type of person with very extraordinary habits.For example, the people in the restaurant never liked him because of his treatment of others, the way he mannered himself and his disregard for others.What they didn;t see was his hidden character, which was a very caring person; he just didn;t like sharing his inner beauty with others because of the disorder.When his daily routines were forced into change he started to become a different person.
The changes in his life starting occurring when his neighbor Simon was mugged, and he was forced to accept the responsibility of taking care of his dog.He surprisingly became attached to the dog, and eventually overpasses his negative feelings toward Simon and became friends with him.
His waitress at the restaurant, Carol, also played a very important role in his life.When she was forced to stay home and take care of her kid, it upset his daily routine.He even went to her house due to his OCD.With this though it brought about changes that would have a great impact on his life.
At the expense of his publisher he hired a personal doctor to take care of her son so Carol could resume work.Atfirst Carol did not understand this and become extremely frustrated.All of the main characters become intertwined when Melvin (Jack Nicholson) grudgingly a


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