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Of Mice and Men

In John Stienbecks novel Of Mice and Men George was justified in killing his best friend Lennie.There are many reasons that George was justified.Curly was going to kill him anyways because he took one of the most precious things away from Curly, his wife.Lennie had a problem, his problem was that he could never stay out of trouble and even if George got them out of that situation Lennie would have continued to touch things and get him into trouble.George didn't want Lennie to get caught and be either tortured or murdered so he took it upon himself to do it.This story is about two migrant workers, George and Lennie.Lennie is a large, gentle mentally retarded man, devoted to George and dependant upon him for protection and guidance.
One reason that George was testified in killing Lennie was because everyone including Curly was out to get Lennie after they had found his wife dead in the stable.Curly was out to get Lennie from the beginning, he wanted Lennie to pay for what he had done.Curly commented, "I'm gonna get him.I'm going for my shotgun.I'll kill the son of a bitch myself.I'm going to shoot him in the guts."(96).Therefore since curly wanted to kill Lennie, George was just justified in killing his one true friend.
Another reason why George was justified was because he didn't want to have run.George didn't want to run again because he knew that where every they went that this was bound to happen again, as it happened in weed and then again at the barn with Curlys' wife.Lennie loves to stroke soft, furry things–like mice and puppies–but he does not know his own strength, and often accidentally kills them. George said "dumb bastard like he wants to touch everything he likes…Lennie reached out to feel the red dress an' the girl lets out a squawk…He's so damn strong."(40).Lennie said softly "Why do


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