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Of Mice and Men

Of Mice And Men was written in the late 1930's, a time when money was scarce and employment was low.This novel reflects the lives and experiences of two men, who along their journey discover a bond of loyalty, which adds to the drama of this compelling book.A few relatively discreet cyclical techniques are used to compose this piece of fiction, for the purpose of showing the plight of the migrant workers.
One writing pattern, which is used many times throughout the novel is foreshadowing.Thefirst setting, which is described in Of Mice And Men, is on the bank of The Salinas River, a few miles south of Soledad.The story opens here, with the two men travelling together.George persistently tells Lennie, that if he gets into any trouble at the ranch, to come back to that very location and hide in the bushes until he returns to retrieve him.I think this suggests to the reader that something is potentially going to happen.When it does, Lennie obeys George and he hides by the river.This is very interesting because the book opens and closes at the same location.At that location by the river, George tells Lennie "First chance I get I'll give you a pup.Maybe you wouldn't kill it."This gives us insight to what occurs near the end of the book.Lennie receives a puppy, and the result is its death.The foreshadowing technique is used once again when Carlson shoots Candy's, old, useless dog in the back of the head.This, of course is very similar to how George kills Lennie.
This Quote, "I like to pet nice things with my fingers, sof' things."By Lennie, conveys a message.I believe that soft things are repeatedly getting Lennie into trouble.They flee to the ranch because Lennie attempts to caress a woman's soft, red dress, and the town of Weed desperately wants both men.George gets upset, after he realizes that Lennie was keeping a dirty mouse


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