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Of Mice and Men

On Sunday evening a large man was brought to justice, after he brutally killed a local ranch owner's wife

Sunday Morning took place as normal, on a quiet ranch, owned by a son and his father, a few miles south of Soledad. Quiet, that is, until disaster struck. An elderly ranch-hand was thefirst to discover the lifeless bodyof the Ranch owner's wife. The body partially covered with hay and layed as if she was asleep. The corinor determainedthat the cause of death was due to a neck broken by extremely violent shaking. The criminal, Lennie Small, fled the scene immediately, followed by two hastenly formed search parties. The trail of this merciless killer was lost near the Salinas River, but soon picked up by the captor, George Milton. Mr. Milton had broken away from the group on intuition and caught the criminal near Weary Man's Rest a shady spot near the river, which is somewhat secluded by thick brush. Mr. Milton wrestled a gun, which was stolen earlier by the criminal from another ranch-hand's bunk, out of the criminal's hands and shot him as the Black-Heart tried to flee.

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The Victim met her husband at the Riverside Dance Palace a few years ago. She had manyaspirations including ones in acting and in someday having a few children. The Family is deeply grieved and will be holding a wake at the First Baptist Church of Soledad on Saturdayat One O'Clock in the afternoonand again at Three O'Clock. A Funeral Will be held at the Soledad Memorial Cemetary on Sunday at Three O'Clock in the afternoon.


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