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Of Mice and Men: Behind the Cover

The novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck tells of two men, named George and Lennie, who share an incredible sense of brotherhood.Lennie is mentally retarded and a handicap to George, but George refuses to break the promise he made to Lennie's aunt Clara that he would watch after Lennie.They live during the Great Depression and take jobs as migrant ranch hands in order to raise enough money to buy a place of their own.Trouble escalates when Curley, the undersized son of the ranch owner, takes offense at Lennie's large size.The story reaches its climax when Lennie accidentally breaks the neck of Curley's wife.Terrified, Lennie runs back to the river, where George told him to go if anything bad should happen.At the ranch, Candy discovers the body and everyone begins hunting Lennie.George goes to the river to meet Lennie.Knowing that Lennie will not be able to escape Curley and his gang, who would torture him, George tells Lennie of the ranch they will buy to distract him.While Lennie is not paying attention, George mercifully shoots him in the back of the head.Even though they go through terrible trials, George and Lennie share an amazing sense of brotherhood.
Steinbeck shows who the characters are in a variety of ways by directly and indirectly describing them.For example, Lennie is directly described as being a large man with bear-like paws.However, a clearer picture is received when the physical picture is supplemented by the personality traits of innocence and simplicity discovered when he speaks and by his love of petting soft things.
The author uses third person omniscient as his point of view.However, the focus is always on George or Lennie.An example of when the focus is on Lennie is when he is in the barn talking to Crooks, the black stableman.
Foreshadowing is used in this novel, such as Lennie's trouble with Curley and Curley's wife's bad reputation.An…


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