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On Human Humor and Irony

Analysis of "The Kugelmass Episode" by Woody Allen
Sidney Kugelmass'first wife was Flo with whom he had two dull sons. Their marriage was a failure ending with a divorce. He had to give alimony and support to his children and this eventually burdened him.
Kugelmass' second wife was an oaf woman named Daphne. Their marriage had been unhappy, too. Kugelmass had been telling his analyst how he regretted marrying fat Daphne who "swelled up like a beach ball". (2) He also mentioned that, although he admitted it not to be enough, one of his reasons of marrying Daphne is her "few bucks". (2)
Aside from his marital qualms, he also brought up his desire for an implicit love affair with a new woman. He said that he wanted romance in Venice, at the famous New York restaurant "21", or in front of wine and candlelight. He also told him that the other woman must not come from City College where his wife and he, as a humanities professor, were working. He wanted the relationship to be discreet, though, for he nevertheless did not want a second divorce. Kugelmass also confessed about the dream he had the night before he went to the analyst. He dreamt of himself skipping through a meadow holding the'Options'-marked basket only to find out that the basket had a hole.
His analyst was appalled by what Kugelmass disclosed. He told Kugelmass that an affair would not solve any of his problems. He tried to make it clear to his patient that he needed something more than this short-term cure for his deep-seated problems. He declared that he could not propose such an overnight solution since he was an analyst and not a magician. Kugelmass did not want to take it from his analyst so he terminated his treatment and opted for the Great Persky, a magician, who all of a sudden phoned him offering an instant fulfillment of his hidden desire for a new affair.
He convened with Persky in a decr…


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