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On Quake Marilyn Manson Doom The Matrix and How They Corrupt Americas Youth

Disclaimer: I do not promote youth violence, but even if I did, it's the parent's job to make sure my opinion doesn't affect their children.
Do I really have to say anything else? The disclaimer say enough, but to drive my point across, I'll repeat it in several different ways in the next few paragraphs.
First of all, I want to say that I am 100% against censorship. It totally goes against a little law called THE 1ST AMENDMENT!
And as for pressuring the movie, music, television and video game industries into producing cleaner content goes, we do need some of that. But I must say, ratings aren't there because companies put them there for fun. For each of the above mentioned, there are rating and parental advisory systems. If you need a little refreshment on what they are, write me and I'll send you a copy of them. But that really isn't necessary considering that: every single movie you've ever seen has its rating on the box, on the posters, on the ticket, next to it in your TV guide, and sometimes shows it nice and big right before the movie; every single CD or cassette you have bought in the last few years, if it contained what was deemed inappropriate material for people under 18, had a warning label on the packaging; all TV shows now show a rating at the top of your screen at the beginning of the program and after commercials, and ratings are also listed with the title in TV listings; every video game you've bought since the second phase of Super Nintendo games has a rating on the packaging and on the game itself. So booya if you say there's no way of knowing if the material is inappropriate for your kid or not! Wise up and pay attention!
I know what you're saying, "The ratings are there, but who is deciding these ratings and what sort of standards are they using?" The people who decide this stuff aren't idiots. They judge


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