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On Writing Reader Response Section #2(pg80-136)

In the second assigned section of On Writing, Stephen King's life is still being told in a memoir style.The section starts off with King finishing his explaining his high school inspirations for Carrie.One was Sondra, a social outcast who went to high school with King.When hired by the mother of Sondra to move furniture, thefirst thing that King noticed in the house was a graphic, near to life-like crucifix.The other girl was named Dodie.She, like Sondra, was a social outcast too.She only had 1 outfit for school and got teased for that fact.It got old, tattered, and smelly.When se finally got a new outfit after Christmas, the teasing only intensified.Both the girls ended up dying soon after high school.When King did publish Carrie, he ended up receiving two hundred thousand dollars for it; eliminating any financial worries.The book go on to describe Stephen King's drug problems.He had started his drug addictions with alcohol on his senior trip and it ended up with him sniffing crack.He managed to beat the addictions after an intervention.
After the biography ends, King goes on to the technical side of writing.It beginswith a demonstration of describing details comparing it to telepathy,Then he goes on to describing the tools of writing to an actual toolbox.Important tools, like grammar and vocabulary on top and other tools such as paragraphs on the lower level.


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