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One Few Over the Cuckoo's Nest : R.P. McMurphy vs. Nurse Rat

This film represented a direct relationship and parable to an individual that chooses not to conform to modern day society and the way that individual is treated.The main character R.P. McMurphy would be best described as the antihero and Nurse Ratchet would be the antagonist.Both characters have an important role in the ending fate of how the ward responds to their actions.The basis of this plot is a one on one battle between McMurphy and Nurse Ratchet.Both characters are fighting for "the guys" and the way they should perceive the ward.
Before McMurphy entered the ward, Nurse Ratchet ran the place the way that was most comfortable for her and not in the best interest of the patients.Immediately from the start, McMurphy acknowledges that things are not as they should be.With McMurphy's blatant personality, he is able stir up the minds of the ward and allows them to think outside of the evil Nurse Ratchet's stronghold ways.The Nurse had a certain and particular way she wanted things to be done.Mentally abusing the patients in a manner that belittled them was a sure way to keep control of every situation.McMurphy had an upper hand in the scheme of it all because he was actually on the inside and "the guys" had a more of a personal relationship with him.Nurse Ratchet unfortunately had an ultimate advantage of being in charge and using her authority to her advantage.
As you can see, McMurphy is the non-conformist and Nurse Ratchet is in essence "the law".McMurphy has quite an impact on the ward through his relentless attitude and strive toward making a difference.McMurphy had ample windows of opportunity in which he could have escaped.However, he felt that he was making a difference in how the other patients were starting to think.A good example would be when he took "the guys" fishing and clearly could have vanished.This shows a different aspect of t…


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