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one flew over cuckoos nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
1. How would you describe your main character?Become his "voice" and write about who he believes they are.
I might frighten some of you atfirst, and others may think of me as some crazy man who has no business living in a normal society. Well, if you thought any of those, you're wrong.I, Randle McMurphy, might have gotten in four or five fights and have been in jail and the work farm for sometime, but I feel that it is necessary to get certain ideas across to people and violence is usually the only way to do that.However, speaking about the crazy part, I do not feel that I'm crazy.I don't sit and daze out in the middle of nowhere; I don't walk up and down a hallway; I talk and listen and I am able to think on my own.Now, by explaining myself to you, I ask you why I am in this dumb mental hospital talking to people who have no sense about life.In fact, I could not even answer the question but I know that I have no voice in the decision of my presence hear.
I am probably the biggest rebel you will ever see and I do not take dictation very well.When Ifirst came to the hospital, the other patients knew I was different because I did not listen to the black workers and especially Ms. Ratched, the Big Nurse who had control over the patients.My biggest conflict was with the nurse.Everyday day we had therapy meetings, where Nurse Ratched tried to help the mental patients cope with their problems.While in the circle, I noticed that when asked to talk by the nurse, the patients stood silent because they were scared of the nurse. To me, she was nothing but a ruthless woman who took advantage of her position as the head nurse.But for me, being the rebel that I am, I did not want this lady to control me or the other boys.So I started to talk to these people and try to make them comfortable with me in order to get them on my side.This conflic…


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