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One flew over the cuckoo

One of the biggest mysteries in "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" is the character of Chief.At the beginning of the movie, the audience, and Mac, is told that Chief is deaf and dumb, thus not able to hear or speak.Through the multiple efforts of McMurphy throughout the movie, we later find that this is not the case.In one scene McMurphy asks Chief to leave with him and get out of the hospital; however Chief states that he is not ready.Is Chief really crazy?While the audience does not know for sure why Chief is in the hospital (from the movie), one should be able to infer that Chief may have a mental issue because of the way he acts towards the rest of the patients.Chief generally keeps his distance from the rest of the patients and pretends to be deaf and dumb, most likely as a defense/coping mechanism, so that he doesn't have to deal with or interact with the rest of the patients.Interacting with other patients may cause Chief discomfort or possibly even spark strong reactions within him, such as hallucinations.McMurphy is thefirst person we see who tries to interact with Chief, and in doing so, he seems to clear Chief's mind and ease his discomfort of speaking to others.This eventually leads to Chief's reciprocating the kindness back to McMurphy by killing him and thus saving him from life as a vegetable.This understanding of the quality of life by Chief shows that he has overcome whatever mental issues he may have had, he then remembers how McMurphy tried to escape earlier in the film and because of his strength, is able to replicate the maneuver and escape the corruptness of the hospital….


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