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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nes

Randall P. McMurphy was obviously someone with Malingering.He was obviously in the mental hospital to get out of work or to avoid taxes or something.Like the psychologists said, there was nothing wrong with him, and he just stirred up trouble in any way that he could.McMurphy didn;t belong in a mental hospital; he belonged in a prison for statutory rape.Maybe he needed some medicine to calm him down or something, but he didn;t belong in the mental hospital.
I believe that Chief was suffering from a Conversion disorder.Due to problems during his childhood due to his father;s alcoholism, he shut himself off, and quit talking to people.Not just being a quiet person; he fooled people into thinking he was deaf and dumb.I don;t think he needed to be in the mental institute either.If he really was deaf and dumb like everyone thought, he could;ve learned to communicate through sign language and live a normal life.If he needed help dealing with his father;s alcoholism, he could;ve simply gone to counseling, because he didn;t seem in any way dangerous to himself or others.
I don;t quite know what was wrong with Billy Bibbit.As far as I can see, he just stuttered, and that shouldn;t have put him in the mental institute.Maybe he had an anxiety disorder, because he did seem to be awfully apprehensive about things, like McMurphy;s breaking out, or sleeping with that girl.I still don;t see an anxiety disorder as a reason to be admitted into a mental hospital.Maybe I;m just more of a man than he is, but I think all he would need is counseling.
I think Mr. Harding had an obsession with his wife.He always talked about her or thought about her.He was terrified at the thought of losing her, and constantly thought she was cheating on him, even though he had no reason to think so.The only reason I think that he might qualify for staying in the hospital…


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