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One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
This is a story about a man named Chief Bromden who tells about his life that is changed in a mental hospital.He found his life in the mental hospital a boring and ruthless one.None of the patients would laugh, smile, joke around, make noise or dare to upset Nurse Ratched, who was known as the "Big Nurse."The Big Nurse was a very large woman who tried to maintain order in the hospital by making the patients' lives in the facility miserable.All of the patients feared the Big Nurse until a new patient came along and joined the ward as a new patient.
The latest patients name was Randle P. McMurphy.All the patients knew he was different from thefirst time he walked into the ward.He refused to listen to the black workers, patients, and especially the Big Nurse.McMurphy makes new friends in no time and gives the patients the courage to live freely and not to fear the Big Nurse.While enjoying his stay at the ward, he brilliantly found ways to make the Big Nurse become very impatient.McMurphy makes life in the ward fun, joyful, interesting, and exciting.He even helped to promote gambling in the ward.Before long, the patients were talking, laughing, making jokes and sassing back to the Big Nurse.Even Chief Bromden began to talk which was a big surprise to everyone. For years, the staff of the ward thought he was deaf.
McMurphy got patients from the ward to make a basketball team, go deep sea fishing and do many other fun things.Of course, the Big Nurse was against all of these activities and tried to stop them, but she could not control McMurphy.The Big Nurse then tried to turn all the patients against McMurphy but failed, for McMurphy has already won their friendship as true friends.Chief Bromden and McMurphy became very good friends and started to help each other in irritating the Big Nurse.Chief Bromden was also ashadow to McMurphy …


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