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One Thousand White Women

Democracy is the oldest and greatest types of government all around the world.The simple definition of Democracy is a form of government in which the power is vested in all the people.The word Democracy is of Greek origin and is actually made up of two different words: demos which means people, and kratos which means power.When issues arose, the tribe would meet, discuss the situation, and come up with a positive solution.With these antics, and they way they handled themselves, they were much more civilized than the white man.Each tribe had its chief and counselors, where the chief was required to give good order and keep the peace.
Almost all of the tribes practiced democratic principles with all adults have the equal opportunity to speak on issues and to vote in important situations.Though most of the chiefs had prestige, few had dictatorial powers.Some chiefs inherited their positions, others were elected.Then there were the few chiefs that ruled outright.They held their positions because of past experience and great success in situations from war to diplomacy.
Little Wolf, the chief of the Cheyenne people in One Thousand White Women, was a strong, quiet leader who's leadership was recognized, and word was honored by the tribe.He and his family were well respected and had many relationships in the Cheyenne tribe.Little Wolf even held private meetings with other leaders such as President Grant, the chief of the Sioux, and the chiefs of other Southern Cheyenne tribes.Little Wolf used this access to such honored people to always look out for the good wellbeing of his people.
Little Wolf also held meetings, which they called powwows, with other leaders of his tribe to discuss important issues.Only the highest ranking men in the tribe would be able to attend the powwows.During these meetings each man would get his equal turn to speak his opinion on the matter.They would


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