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Order and Anarchy, Freedom and Constraint

This movie is about a new and rebellious patient who is brought to a small mental institution where his actions endear the other patients to him and incur the wrath of the stern and repressive who runs their ward.

I like "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest". From this movie, I could feel a kind of dignity, free spirit, rebellion, fear and hope. It is a story about rebellion over power and control, about how fear can make you to do what others tell you to do and how hope can change things around for you.

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The lead of the nurse, Nurse Ratched, presents power and fear. She is furious at McMurphy for defying her power and afraid of losing her control over all her patients. In the other hand, McMurphy, presents freedom and hope. He tries to teach the other patients how to live, by making them laugh, playing cards with them, wanting to watch baseball games on TV, organizing a fishing trip, bringing a prostitute to the ward and making a party in the hospital.

One of what shock me most is Billy's death. After the date with Candy, he has regained his confidence and cured his stammer. But he at last suicides, under the fear and force from Nurse Ratched. The other one is Chief's escape. According to the Indian culture, one has a spirit which will separate from his flesh after death. Chief suffocated McMurphy, because he knows that McMurphy wouldn't want to live as a vegetable. So he kills him to let his spirit go with him, out of the nest. It seems that it is a victory for Nurse Ratched,. But indeed, McMurphy wins the battle. He has made Chief free and successfully resisted authority….


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