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As I began my search for a phenomenon, one that is not only current history but one that also sways towards the evil, negative side of childhood life – violence – a gamut of ideas ran through my mind.I thought about all the ideas that were mentioned during class – Rave parties, arcades, Pro-wrestling, etc but none of them truly peaked my interest.Early Saturday morning as I was slouch down on the sofa half asleep it came to me.I wasn't at all very happy about lying across the sofa because I was so looking forward to sleeping in.Somehow the evening before I was talked into taking my nephew home with me.I had originally thought, "Okay, not a problem, he'll be ten in a couple of weeks, he'll probably want to sleep late just like I so desperately need to do."Much to my surprise here we are slough across the family room looking at cartoon.As I stared at the TV, I became astonished; every channel my nephew turned to was full of violence.They were all cartoons of some sort but everyone or thing in them was getting smattered, smacked or totally obliterated.I asked my nephew, "Are there not any decent cartoons on TV?He said, "This is decent and right after this Pokémon will be on.Well since my children are grown I haven't had the opportunity or desire to watch Pokémon and really didn't know much about it.Now I lay on the sofa staring between squinted eyes at what I later come to learn is not only a craze but has also been labeled as a phenomenon.
Pokémon is No. 5 on the April 2000 list of Yahoo!'s top 100 search terms.Just to give you an idea of how huge this is, No. 1 was “sex,” and No. 20 was “Pamela Anderson.” It’s a phenomenon, people.
I read this statement on the internet when I went to investigate its origin and what Pok;mon was all about.As I investigated this craze further, I learned some key fats about this phenome…


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