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Piggy’s role as a confidant

In every novel, the author selects a certain character to embody the essence of a hero.This character may posses certain admirable qualities such as communication, strength, or the unconquerable will to overcome adversity.William Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies, is no different in choosing Ralph to represent a reliable boy who could save the other children from their undeniable deaths.However compelling the hero may be, he often times encounters turmoil within himself seeking a companion to help him.Piggy, the most rational and intelligent of the boys, is willing to aid Ralph by not only helping him uphold their ;community,; but also by helping him cope with the agonizing levels of hatred and carnage present on the island.
Ralph;s relatively tall stature and confident character allow the other boys to naturally elect him as their leader.Piggy, on the other hand, lacks the appearance, charisma and confidence that Ralph subliminally displays. ;His knees were plump…he was shorter than the fair boy…and very fat (7).Ralph proudly accepts the role of the leader, oblivious to the pressures that would later follow. Since Piggy has a low self-esteem, he quickly associates himself with Ralph in order to secure his position as Ralph;s companion. This is a decision that Ralph would later come to appreciate. Little did Ralph know that the duties of his position would later lead him to console in Piggy.Piggy willingly listens to Ralph and together they try to protect the island from Jack;s menacing ways.Piggy is comfortable with being seen as a right hand man in order to acquire a friend and provide assistance to the survival of the community.
In the beginning of the novel, Piggy does not act as Ralph;s therapist, but he does provide him with some words of wisdom.Ralph often returns the favor by reprimanding and ridiculing Piggy for hi


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