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Roman Polanski, a director raised in Europe, attended a European film school, bringing with him a European take on cinema. Born in Paris, he then moved to Warsaw, Poland at a young age, and was orphaned when his mother and father were held captive in a concentration camp (Taken from "Roman Polanski, Virginia Wright Wexman).
The research materials I used were photos taken from "Repulsion, 1965", "Rosemary's Baby, 1968", and "The Tenant, 1976". I have also watched a film documentary called "Scene by Scene" which gives a breakdown of some of Polanski's films, thus enabling me to get an in-depth look directly at the similarities that arise in Polanski's films; and offered me authentication that auteurs do not make different films, but remake the same one many times. I have a number of newspaper articles and film journals which discuss Polanski's life and films.
I chose to study this director as a continuation of my AS course. I on viewing these films by the director discovered there many thematic and technical comparisons, which raised the question in my mind, "Is this authorial?" My plan is to investigate whether this grants Polanski the status of an auteur.Alienation and psychological breakdown are recurring themes in many of Polanski's films which are explored through a numbers of forms and conventions. These are used in the films I have studied to heighten the effects of loneliness and alienation.
The items in my catalogue, website printouts, films text books, are relevant to my research for a number of reasons. The newspaper articles I have obtained focus upon Polanski's turbulent personal life. However, the main area in the more academic journals is his strong visual sense, and his preoccupation with marginalised figures.
My research methods consisted of me looking things up on websites, reading books in the library and pho


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