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Practical Magick and the Theme of Love

'Practical Magic'
'Practical Magic' is a movie that was released in 1998.It is loosely based on
the novel of the same title, written by Alice Hoffman.The director of the film is
Griffen Dunn.Akiva Goldsmen, Robin Salicord, and Adams Brooks wrote the
screenplay.The setting is New England, late 21st century.
'Practical Magic' is the story of two sisters, Gillian and Sally Owens, descendents of
Maria Owens, a Puritan New England witch.Though very different, the two share
a centuries old bloodline of magic that weaves its spells and a curse throughout
their lives. The overwhelming theme of the movie is the magical power of love.
The opening scene begins with a flashback to Puritan New England.Maria Owens
is almost hanged for being a witch but is saved by her magic. The hanging committee
consists mainly of the wives' of her many lovers. Marie, heavy with child, is banished
to a remote Island.Her lover does not come to rescue her.In her despair and loneliness,
she casts a spell upon herself that she will never again know the agony of love.This spell
becomes a curse on the legacy of all Owens women.Any man who falls in love with an
Owens woman will be doomed to an untimely death.

For Sally and Gillian, this was the fate bestowed upon their father. While vacationing
at the beach, their father is killed (though we don't see how). Their mother heard the
"Death watch beetle ticking for him all day"(The sound of the "Death watch beetle"
foretells the imminent death of the unfortunate mate). She was powerless to stop it.
Believing her love for him had doomed him with the Owens curse, she grieves herself to
death.It was said that she "died of a broken heart".
The sisters are adopted by their …

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