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The novel Prey by the American author Michael Crichton is a techno thriller that shows the issues that may occur in the ever rapidly growing pace of today's scientific advances, and what may happen if the technology grows too fast out of the control of the human race. Expressed throughout the novel themes of Man vs. Nature and Man vs. Society as well as Appearance vs. Reality were evident.
Jack Foreman the character narrator of Prey faces the transition of single handedly getting himself fired from his job being a supervisor for a team of programmers. He manages to do this and unwillingly accept his role as a househusband rather than his wife, Julia, who was a housewife until she was forced to get a job as the Vice President of a Leading company in technology and thus separating her from the family she was before the head of and mounts tensions between her and Jack. Thus creating the Man vs. Society theme of the novel where Julia's strange behavior towards Jack and her children compels Jack to think that Julia is cheating on him and the reasons that he had gotten fired at work, where he found people in his company in some'shady' dealings with other companies and presented it to his boss where he found out that he was just as much a part of those dealings as well.
These events also bring in part the Appearance vs. Reality factor of the novel which seemed to be the predominant theme. This theme showed itself most throughout the novel whether it is the shady business men, Julia's so called affair that was mistaken for late hours in work, stress, and the later catastrophe of the sample of nano-machines that had escaped from the laboratory that she was working at. This theme also showed up in the sickness that seemed to be plaguing people especially in Jack's family with a flu-like disease indicated by a rash that came from those escaped nano-machines. The whole novel is related to this theme because of…


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