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pride and prejudice

Is love a more important theme than friendship in the work you have studied?
Love and friendship are two most vital themes throughout the novel. But which of these two themes is actually most essential to the plot?Friendship is shown frequently between certain characters. The majority of these relationships last, although some of them end up falling apart. But the feeling of love is stronger in a sense that it doesn't perish, thereby overruling the emotion of friendship. I believe that love is the essence to the whole plot. Without love the novel would never become such a cherished love story as I experienced it.
The friendship between Jane and Miss Bingley seems to be promising until Miss Bingley's intolerable action to prevent Jane of marrying her brother. The relationship didn't last due to their different social status. The fact that the Bennet family have a lower social status than the Bingleys, Mr. Darcy and Lady Catherine, creates to some extent a boundary between certain characters, such as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. This is an obstacle that must be eluded for friendship or even love to be successful between both groups of people. Love was at the end the most thriving when both are evaluated.
On the other hand, the closeness amid Elizabeth and Charlotte declines as the story develops. This is owed to the departure of Charlotte when she marries Mr. Collins, on account of her different view from Elizabeth's. Charlotte identifies herself as a lady with little hope of marrying when she grows older. She believes that it is vital to be wed with a man with enough money to find happiness in a marriage. As a result, she takes thefirst opportunity she gets to get married, although it isn't for the sake of love.
The most successful friendships in the novel are achieved by Elizabeth and Jane, and Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley, although Elizabeth must also have a strong sentiment of love towards one another s…


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