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Pride and Prejudice

In Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice, Austen does a magnificent job at poking fun of the society in which the novel takes place through sarcastic remarks and witty satire.The title of Jane Austen's novel plays a great role in the plot, it masterly illustrates the emotions that most of the characters go through. Most of the characters in the novel show pride and prejudice at one point or another, both of these emotions are the main focus of the novel and the role that they play on relationships and daily decisions.This essay will focus and illustrate how the two main characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, are affected by pride and prejudice and how it influences their decisions.
Thefirst meeting Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy have is at the ball which sets the tone for the whole novel.Charles Bingley Suggests to Darcy that he should dance with Elizabeth, and Darcy replies, "She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me" (Austen 8).This opinion that Darcy forms is also based that he is of a higher class the Darcy.Darcy shows prejudice feelings towards Elizabeth just for not being born in a wealthier family.Darcy's pride causes Elizabeth to form a very prejudice opinion that is hard to alter throughout the novel.Thisfirst impression forms very strong opinions that remain constant throughout the novel.
This prejudice that Elizabeth has for Darcy is based on theirfirst impression, which clouds her judgment when she meets George Wickham.Mr. Wickham learns about her prejudice against Darcy and uses it against her in a story of Darcy's deceit.Although Elizabeth has no true evidence that this story is true she believes every word of it.”How abominable! – I wonder that the very pride of this Mr. Darcy has no made him just to you! – If from no better motive that he should not have been too proud to be dishonest, for dishonesty I must call it” (Austen 65).This…


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